Providing Cyber Security to the Cyber Security Providers

The Client

A Cybersecurity unicorn which developed an innovative high-end malware detection product


Application security is doubly important for a cybersecurity provider because the provider’s platform is the primary means by which their customers access and use its services. If the platform is not secure, it can leave the provider’s customers vulnerable to cyber attacks, data breaches, and other security threats. This can have serious consequences, such as loss of customer trust, damage to the provider’s reputation, and financial losses.


OP Innovate provided penetration testing, red teaming and attack surface mapping to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the provider’s platform, thin client and organization, allowing the provider to address and remediate any issues before they could be exploited by attackers.

  • Challenges

    Creating high standard of security for an industry leading vendor
  • Solution

    OP’s WASP platform integrated solution for APP security:
  • SaaS App
  • Thin Client
  • Organization
  • Impact 

    65% Reduction in vulnerability MTTR  Increased customer trust

“This is our second year using the WASP platform with OP services, and all I can say is that this is a huge value multiplier for any company that wishes to execute its security vision – the direct communications with the research team alone shortened our mean-time-to-remediate by 65% and the ability to manage all of our vulnerabilities in one place while integrating with our Jira is amazing!”

VP Operations & IT


The cyber provider, an industry leading vendor and cyber experts on their own accord, trusted OP innovate’s solutions with its own reputation and customer trust, and significantly reduced their cyber exposure by shortening time-to-remediate.

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