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Maximize visibility into your application security posture and minimize
risk exposures with continuous expert-level penetration testing and code
validation tailored to your exposure policy, SLAs, and most relevant risks.
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A new breed of Exposure Management Platform for application security

Wasp combines continuous penetration testing with attack surface management (ASM) to enable application security professionals to constantly test, discover, assess, and manage their internal and external exposure.

Tailored specifically for application security, Wasp combines code analysis and expert-level vulnerability triage, and remediation solutions that integrate with your development workflow to deliver full lifecycle visibility and management.
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Take back control with full lifecycle
visibility and management


GAIN VISIBILITY Cut through the noise and gain total visibility of internal and external exposures.


ATTAIN UNPARALLELED FOCUS Get a focused remediation plan based on the most impactful findings.


TAKE THE RIGHT ACTION Manage PT cycles in controlled time, scope, and outcome. Retest and communicate with an expert within the findings.


BREAK OPERATIONAL SILOS Improve your SDLC workflow by connecting AppSec, Dev, and testing teams to deliver secured products faster.
WASP’s ability to feed vulnerability data directly into our dev workflow has helped us cut our “mean time to remediate” by nearly 70%.”
WASP’s ability to feed vulnerability data directly into our dev workflow has helped us cut our “mean time to remediate” by nearly 70%.”

WASP’s ability to feed vulnerability data directly into our dev workflow has helped us cut our “mean time to remediate” by nearly 70%.”

Kobi Kochavi,

Head of GRC, Forter

Features and Functionality

Get detailed analysis of the most important finding, complete with remediation suggestions

Track progress over time and create tasks for your development team that will integrate with their workflow

Get executive reports to understand and communicate testing and remediation impact

Communicate with the Wasp team to deliver immediate feedback and dive deep into security findings

Why Wasp

Cadence and Depth



Legacy PT

Annual basis with limited knowledge of the business case

Static PDF report over the email



Ongoing routine of ASM with predefined engagements

Auto-scoping of the assets under test

Team of international leaders in the fields of cyber research and incident response services

Findings prioritised by contextual risk delivered to the ticketing system

Direct comms between research and developer

Smart reporting as required

Supports adherence to SLA

Benchmark and analysis

The Wasp research team are international leaders in various fields of cyber research, all accredited and certified professionals. Each brings unrivaled cyber expertise to the table, combining a thorough depth of technological knowledge with a drive to deliver high quality findings in all areas examined.

About Wasp

Wasp was spun off from OP Innovate, established in 2014 to defend global enterprises from the increasing challenges of organizational cybersecurity. Our experience in the field is extensive with world class expertise in cyber research, penetration testing, incident response, training and forensics. In 2019 we decided to harness our knowledge, expertise, experience, and insights in order to develop the ultimate validation and remediation platform - Wasp.

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