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Continuous security validation for web applications

Maximize your application security posture and minimize risk exposures with continuous expert-level penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Prioritize findings with minimum false positives according to risk-based context and your SLA policy. Remediate quickly with flexible delivery, interactive support and guidance.

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In the ever-increasing threat landscape, security is not an option: OP innovate provides world class cyber expertise with a proven track-record in adversarial and defensive cybersecurity as well as application security, helping global companies to secure their products and forge cyber resilience, readiness, and response.

Application security

Application Pentesting
Mobile app testing
Secure Code Review
Cloud security
Appsec consulting

Organization security

Red Teaming
Vuln & risk assessment
Bespoke Cybersecurity service


Incident Response
DFIR retainer


Providing cyber security to the cyber security providers


A leading cyber consultancy specializing in both defensive and offensive operations

The company provides premium incident response, penetration testing and cyber security consulting services, helping organizations worldwide to accelerate containment and remediation of cyber attacks, build cyber resilience and minimize potential brand damage. OP Innovate’s research team is an authority in cyber research, penetration testing, incident response, training and forensics. Global customers including Fortune 500 leaders across all major market verticals rely on OP Innovate’s expertise, dedication, and ingenuity to swiftly respond to the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, fortify defenses, and prevent future attacks.

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