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Continuous Automated pen testing

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Don’t let bad penetration testing fool you

Don't miss critical vulnerabilities

Inadequate testing methodologies and scope can miss critical vulnerabilities, leaving your systems vulnerable to attacks

Avoid unintended disruptions 

Poorly executed penetration tests may cause unintended disruptions, such as system crashes, network congestion, or service interruptions.

Reduce False positives

Poorly executed pen tests often generate many false positives, indicating vulnerabilities that don’t actually exist or aren’t really important, resulting in hours of triaging and wasted dev hours

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Pen testing is useless if you can’t efficiently fix the vulnerabilities you find

Perform continuous testing

Continuous pen testing is needed to guarantee that your app is always secured

Continuous Asset Monitoring

Closely monitor and secure all assets and environments, all the time

Our Clients Insights

OP Innovate's VDP has helped several organizations improve their vulnerability plan.

“They were able to find vulnerabilities that we weren’t aware of, that we had a blind spot to. They were able to actually go beyond our initial discussed scope and also look at components that we have not looked at in the past.”

OP Innovate has you covered

If you have vulnerabilities, we will find them

We don’t crowdsource our pentesters. Our team is composed of the best offensive security experts in the world, who know how attackers think and how to find vulnerabilities.

Pen-test designed for you

Our penetration tests are tailor-made to your application in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and guarantee your business operations remain unaffected during the test.

Actionable insights

Pen testing reports provide you with actionable insights on real, exploitable vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, with minimal false positives

Streamline remediation

and reduce exposure time with focused plan and ticket integration based on most impactful findings.

Ohad Gablinger

“This is our second year using the WASP platform with OP services, and all I can say is that this is a huge value multiplier for any company that wishes to execute its security vision – the direct communications with the research team alone significantly shortened our mean-time-to-remediate and the ability to manage all of our vulnerabilities in one place while integrating with our Jira is amazing!”

VP Operations & IT, DeepInstinct

ohad gablinger

Yoav Cohen

OP Innovate has really helped us pen test and red team our cloud security products. Having continuous security testing instead of scheduled pen tests every few months really helps to effectively harden our security posture.

Co-Founder & CTO, Satori


David Lewis

WASP provides us with lots of critical and useful information. It has a lot of detail and makes it easy for the team to remediate vulnerabilities that are found.

CISO, Placer


Kobi Kochavi

WASP’s ability to feed vulnerability data directly into our dev workflow has helped us cut our “mean time to remediate” by nearly 75%.

Head of GRC, Forter


Introducing Wasp: Continuous security validation for web

In the ever-increasing threat landscape, security is not an option: OP innovate provides world class cyber expertise with a proven track-record in adversarial and defensive cybersecurity as well as application security, helping global companies to secure their products and forge cyber resilience, readiness, and response.

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a call with one of our defense experts to determine your offensive security objectives and build a free asset map


your hidden risks and integrate remediation into your dev flow


issues and continuously ensure your cyber resilience with WASP state of the art.


Advanced cyber power at your service round the clock

In the ever-increasing threat landscape, security is not an option: OP innovate provides world class cyber expertise with a proven track-record in adversarial and defensive cybersecurity as well as application security, helping global companies to secure their products and forge cyber resilience, readiness, and response.

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Application security

Application Pentesting Mobile app testing Secure Code Review Cloud security Appsec consulting

Organisation security

Red Teaming Vuln & risk assessment CISO-as-a-Service Bespoke Cybersecurity service

Incident Response

Quickly and Effectively respond to and resolve Cyber Attacks

Providing cyber security to the cyber security providers


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A leading cyber consultancy specializing in both defensive and offensive operations

We offer premium incident response, penetration testing (PTaaS) and cyber security consulting services (CISO as a Service), helping organizations worldwide to accelerate containment and remediation of cyber attacks, build cyber resilience and minimize potential brand damage.
Global customers including Fortune 500 leaders across all major market verticals rely on OP Innovate’s expertise, dedication, and ingenuity to swiftly respond to the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, fortify defenses, and prevent future attacks.


What types of pen tests does OP Innovate perform?

All pen tests we perform are tailor made to your needs. These include manual pen tests done by our in-house experts, coupled with automated penetration testing using our proprietary WASP platform. While we specialize in web application pen testing, mobile penetration testing, and red teaming with some of the best ethical hackers in the world.

Can your pen testing help in meeting compliance requirements?

Our pen testing team has all the major credentials required to help your organization meet compliance requirements. Prime examples would be companies in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Who Performs the Pent Tests done by OP Innovate?

All of our pen testers are in-house elite specialist. We do not outsource any of our penetration testing team, and only use hand picked veteran security professionals in our team.

How often should pen testing be conducted?

The frequency of pen testing should be based on your organization’s security needs and the level of risk involved. It is recommended to conduct pen tests regularly, especially after significant changes to the system or applications that may introduce new vulnerabilities.


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