OP Innovate's CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) offers the perfect solution to protect your business from cyber threats without the commitment of a full-time CISO.

CISO-as-a-Service with OP Innovate

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Outsourcing your security leadership roles to OP Innovate and enhance your cybersecurity strategy while saving on labor costs.

OP Innovate’s CISO-as-a-service brings together the following tasks under a single point of contact in a flexible and affordable basis

  • Creation of security-related policies and procedures
  • Definition of strategies for compliance and security governance with key regulations (ISO27k specified)
  • Creation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Managing incident response and breach remediation
  • Design and overseeing remediation following penetration testing
  • Reporting to and assisting board/management on matters of cyber security
  • Understanding and managing risks associated with the introduction of new or emerging systems and technologies into the company
  • Initiating security awareness training & social engineering simulation
  • Working with third-party suppliers
  • Defensive Services
  • CISO-as-a-Service – A management and advisory service that will be led by OP Innovate COO, Mr. Shay Pinsker. The main goal of the service is to advise, consult, audit, and lead the teams to a secure organization.
  • Training – A full organization cybersecurity awareness training and SDLC (secure development) training for the developers, tailored for maximum stickiness.
  • Architecture secure design review
  • Incident response plan and business continuity plan
  • Tabletop exercise for the C-level management


OP Innovate’s CISOaaS is not just a set-and-forget service, but a reliable partner, sticking with you every step of the way. Our services don’t stop at just providing strategies and policies; we ensure that they are implemented correctly and are making a real difference.

Save Time and Money

Employing a full-time CISO can be costly and time-consuming, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. CISOaaS helps you enjoy all the benefits of having a fully qualified, experienced CISO at just a fraction of the cost. Our experienced team of cybersecurity experts offer 24/7 support, guiding your company to maintain strong cybersecurity seamlessly, saving you time and money.

Maintain Compliance and abide to Regulations

OP Innovate’s CISOaaS is your key to achieving full compliance with crucial security regulations and standards. We offer detailed strategies tailored to your specific industry and operational needs, helping you navigate the complex landscape of regulations such as ISO27k and beyond. Ensure your operations are always up to the mark and avoid the costly consequences of non-compliance.

Risk Management

Risk management is central to our CISOaaS. We carry out thorough risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and threats specific to your business context and sector. Our proactive approach means potential issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively. With OP Innovate, risks are not just managed – they’re turned into opportunities for enhancing your security posture.

Boost Business Confidence

With OP Innovate’s CISOaaS, the worry of cyber threats is minimized, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. You can have peace of mind knowing that your business’s cybersecurity is in the hands of experienced professionals. This not only gives peace of mind to you but also to your stakeholders, customers, and partners. You can confidently portray your business as one that values information security and handles sensible data responsibly.

Maximized Transparency

Eliminate surprises with our service. We offer detailed reports and updates on your company’s cybersecurity status and our ongoing efforts. We ensure you remain informed and involved every step of the way, so you stay in total control.

Seamless Onboarding

We understand that transitions can be complex and challenging. Our tailored onboarding process ensures a smooth experience from start to finish. Your organization’s shift to robust cybersecurity under our CISO as a Service won’t cause a hitch in your ongoing operations.

Real World Testing

The only way to be confident in your cybersecurity strategy is to confront it with real-world challenges. That’s why CISOaaS includes design and remediation following penetration testing. We simulate real attacks on your infrastructure to identify weak points before they can be taken advantage of.

Exclusive Access to Expert Leadership

Our service is led by no other than COO, Mr. Shay Pinsker. With his extensive experience and expertise, he stands at the helm of our operations, extending guidance and consultation. He personally oversees every aspect, assuring quality and excellence in our approach to securing your organization.

Tailored Training

In the fight against cyber threats, knowledge is power. Our comprehensive training programs cover everything from basic awareness to secure development practices, covering every member in your team from first level employees up to C-level management.

Make the Right Decision Today

Don’t expose your business to unnecessary risks. With CISOaaS by OP Innovate, you are not just buying a service but making a long-term investment in the security and integrity of your business. Sign up today and take control of your cyber future.

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