Penetration Test Reveals Severe Broken Access Control Vulnerability

As part of a recent Penetration test performed by the OP Innovate research team, testing was done on the customer’s publicly available API. 

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Broken Access Control Vulnerability

Gartner SecOps Hype Cycle Highlights Continuous Expert-Level PTaaS Advantages

Recently, Gartner published the 2023 Hype Cycle for Security Operations. Security operations technologies and services protect IT systems, cloud workloads, applications, and other digital assets…

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MGM Resorts Cyberattack Shuts Down Website and Brings Systems Offline

MGM Resorts, a renowned international hotel and casino company, has been hit by a cyberattack that has forced the shutdown of its website and computer…

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MGM resort cyberattack

Zoom Tackles Critical Security flaws Head-On with New Patches

Keeping our online conversations safe is a big deal, and Zoom knows it. The popular video call service recently rolled out fixes to patch up…

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nOAuth – Microsoft OAuth Misconfiguration can result in a full account takeover.

A significant flaw known as nOAuth has come to light, discovered by the diligent security team at Descope. This flaw, found in Microsoft Azure AD…

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Penetration Testing for Compliance: Why It’s Essential for Your Organization’s Security, Not Just for Compliance

Penetration testing is a process of testing your organization’s security by simulating an attack. Many organizations conduct pen testing as part of their compliance requirements.…

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Pen testing regulation not just compliance (1)

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Achieving Robust Security through Hybrid Penetration Testing

TL;DR Introduction: In today's ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, organizations face an unprecedented need to strengthen their defense mechanisms and protect their digital assets. Penetration…

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 Sharing the SOC2 Audit Journey at AI21 Labs

At OP Innovate, we offer a range of services to our customers, including Pen Testing as a service (PTaaS) and Incident response. Another service we…

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How to Defend Against MOVEit Attacks & Safeguard Your Organization

In a concerning turn of events, multiple major organizations have recently confirmed falling victim to the pervasive MOVEit transfer attack. As cybersecurity breaches continue to…

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Cybersecurity Best Practice

10 Best Automated Penetration Testing Tools in 2023

You need automated penetration testing in order to continuously find vulnerabilities faster. Learn about the top 10 automated penetration testing tools

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Automated Pen Tests

Certified Pen test with tester certification

Looking to perform a Penetration test with certification? Learn how OP innovate can keep you secure with certified penetration testing. Leading Pen tester

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Pen Testing Certifications

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) – What is it and why do I need it?

Penetration test, or Pen Testing is a type of security testing which is vital for any computer system to detect vulnerabilities and prevent web application…

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Pen Test

Finding the Best Cyber Security Assessment Services

The best way to find cybersecurity assessment services to help your organization find current cyber weaknesses is via cyber security assessment company

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Risk Assessment Services

Achieving the Best Cyber Security Incident Response

When companies suffer a breach, they need to perform an effective Incident response to quickly and effectively address it and minimize the impact.

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How to Achieve the Best Cyber Security Incident Response

How to Perform Vulnerability Remediation After a Pen Test

Discover how to perform efficient and effective vulnerability remediation after a penetration test with OP-C's comprehensive guide.

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How to perform effective vulnerability remediation
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