Go beyond traditional pen testing and simulate real-world attacks with our expert Red Team. Put your defences to the test with a comprehensive red teaming assessment.

Red Teaming: Reveal Your Security Blind Spots


Traditional pen testing offers a valuable snapshot, but today's dynamic threat landscape demands a deeper understanding. OP Innovate's Red Teaming service simulates real-world attacks from a determined adversary's perspective, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's true security posture.

OP Innovate’s Approach of Red Teaming:

Our Red Team exercises mimic the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers, uncovering vulnerabilities across your entire infrastructure, applications, and personnel. We follow a structured methodology, progressing through various stages:

Attack Surface Mapping

We meticulously map your internet-facing assets, software stack, and security controls to identify potential entry points.

External Penetration Testing

We leverage the collected intelligence to exploit vulnerabilities and breach your network perimeter, testing your firewalls, VPNs, office Wi-Fi, and other defensive measures.

Insider Threat Simulation

We mimic both low-privileged and high-privileged insider attacks, targeting your corporate applications, internal systems, and sensitive data.

Lateral Movement & Data Exfiltration

We simulate internal network navigation and data theft, mirroring real-world attacker behavior.

Final Report & Remediation

We deliver a detailed report outlining discovered vulnerabilities, exploitation methods, and actionable recommendations for mitigation. We even offer 1-on-1 communication with your IT team to expedite the patching process.

Red Teaming vs. Penetration Testing: Unveil Your True Security Posture


Red Teaming

Penetration Testing


Simulate real-world attacks to assess overall security posture

Identify vulnerabilities in specific systems, networks, or applications


Wide-ranging, involving multiple attack vectors

Targeted, focused on specific systems or scenarios


Mimics attacker behavior to test defenses and incident response

Uses predefined methods to find and exploit vulnerabilities within a set scope

Required Expertise

High-level expertise in offensive cybersecurity

Can be conducted by both internal and external security professionals


Long-term engagements (weeks to months)

Short-term engagements (days to weeks)

Choose the right approach for your needs:

Red Teaming: Uncover hidden vulnerabilities and test your entire security posture against real-world threats.

Penetration Testing: Identify specific vulnerabilities in critical systems and applications.

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Why Choose OP Innovate's Red Teaming?

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities

Go beyond basic penetration testing and expose blind spots traditional methods might miss.

Test Your Incident Response

Evaluate your team's preparedness and identify areas for improvement in responding to real-world attacks.

Gain Strategic Insights

Gain valuable insights into your overall security posture and make informed decisions to strengthen your defenses.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our highly skilled and certified Red Team professionals.

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