Ensure your applications are continuously secured with the combined power of expert manual penetration testing and cutting-edge automated penetration testing and Attack Surface Management (ASM).

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

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It's time to stay one step ahead and discover how PTaaS can be a game-changer for your organization

Continuous expert-level Penetration Testing for Web Applications and more

Constantly monitor and reduce your attack surface

Feed vulnerabilities data directly to your dev workflow and reduce mean-time to remediation (MTTR)

Manage your security validation efforts efficiently and dynamically with self-service coverage management, automated instant report and credit-based flexible allocation

Our Clients Insights

OP Innovate's VDP has helped several organizations improve their vulnerability plan.

“They were able to find vulnerabilities that we weren’t aware of, that we had a blind spot to. They were able to actually go beyond our initial discussed scope and also look at components that we have not looked at in the past.”

Complete Security With Hybrid Automated and Manual Penetration Testing

We combine routine pen test sprints run by our CREST-certified offensive security team with our innovative WASP platform, offering continuous scanning and reconnaissance, you can ensure your organization is secure while saving time and maximizing your resources.

Our hybrid Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) approach offers the best of both worlds, leveraging the efficiency of automation while harnessing the expertise of human testers. This combination ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your system's security, providing you with accurate, actionable results that match your threat landscape.


Routine PenTesting by our Expert Cybersecurity Team

When it comes to penetration testing, you want the expertise of cybersecurity pros. With their experience and knowledge, they can see things from an attacker's perspective and find vulnerabilities that others might miss.


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If you have vulnerabilities,
 we will find them

Our cybersecurity team members are experts at finding exploitable vulnerabilities. As part of our PTaaS service platform, we offer:

With PTaaS, you benefit from the integration of advanced vulnerability management and cyber analytics.

Routine, manual tailor-made penetration testing on all your assets

Testing on external and internal targets, including web applications, APIs, and network/cloud devices

In-depth automated vulnerability assessment and with contextual risk scoring

Streamlined vulnerability management with WASP

Reduced Mean Time to Remediation by integrating with your ticketing software (JIRA etc.)

Key Features of Penetration testing as a Service

With OP Innovate pen test services, you get continuous penetration testing and streamlined remediation. WASP provides contextual risk scoring, allowing you to prioritize vulnerabilities effectively

Remediate Faster

Gone are the days of traditional pen testing PDF reports. The OP Innovate WASP platform provides a full report of your vulnerability data in a dashboard and feeds it directly into your dev workflow, dramatically reducing meantime to remediation.

Contextual risk scoring

Wasp, our risk-based vulnerability scoring process, assesses vulnerabilities across your attack surface by prioritizing remediation based on the risks they pose to your organization. By harnessing the CVSS 3.1 industry standard and evaluating environmental risk parameters, it helps you understand security threats with context and insight into potential business impact. Wasp correlates asset criticality, vulnerability severity, and threat actor activity, enabling you to focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to your enterprise.

View from the attacker's perspective

Gain valuable insights into your organization's vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors through the eyes of our expert offensive security veterans. With our PTaaS platform, you can leverage human intelligence from the industry's elite to ensure overall security from both internal and external sources. Our team of skilled testers combines automated vulnerability scanning and human assessment to provide the most in-depth vulnerability assessments to close any and all security gaps.

Focus on the vulnerabilities that MITRE most

Assess the security of your web applications, APIs, and clients. Gain focused analysis and a risk-based prioritization plan created by a team of world-class penetration testers, all accredited and certified professionals. Our proprietary framework, based on MITRE ATT&CK and OWASP TOP 10, leverages sophisticated automation and manual research to minimize false positives and deliver high-fidelity findings.

Instant Communication with Researchers

Our Pentesting as a service allows for instant, direct communication with your dedicated researcher to further unpack information regarding findings and your security strategy, and accelerate remediation.

Flexible scoping

OP Innovate offers a flexible security program, with on-demand security testing. A benefit of PTaaS is that it allows you to access risk-rated results and then remediate and perform additional pentests as often as needed. This ensures that your security remains robust against emerging threats and retains compliance.

Report at your fingertips

With WASP you have an interactive report at your fingertips and can easily access it for continuous pen testing and streamlined remediation. This automated penetration testing suite provides agility in your business logic and workflow, allowing you to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

The report provided gives you critical insight and analysis, allowing you to enhance the detection of complex vulnerabilities. With this level of agility and continuous monitoring, you can prioritize remediation and ensure the security of your systems.

Unlike traditional annual penetration testing, which can be labor-intensive and expensive, OP Innovate offers security services that align with the software development lifecycle and your security budget. By combining automation and human assessment, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of your systems.

Get started with PTaaS for your Web Application Today

Uncover your most critical vulnerabilities and logic flaws before an attacker does. Based on OWASP top 10, test for exploits in web applications, APIs, and thick client apps, leveraging attackers' Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).


What is Pen Testing as a Service?

Uncover your most critical vulnerabilities and logic flaws before an attacker does. Based on OWASP top 10, test for exploits in web applications, APIs, and thick client apps, leveraging attackers' Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

Efficient Scans

PTaaS utilizes automated scanning tools to efficiently identify vulnerabilities in web applications, APIs, and network/cloud devices. This saves time and effort compared to manual scanning processes.

Expert Analysis

The human assessment aspect of PTaaS involves security experts with industry accreditations who analyze the results of the scans. Their expertise enhances the detection of complex vulnerabilities and provides critical insight and analysis.

Risk Prioritization

 PTaaS not only identifies vulnerabilities but also validates and rates their risk against risk databases. This risk-based approach allows organizations to prioritize remediation efforts and focus on addressing the most severe vulnerabilities first, providing you and your product team with the best return on PT investment over time.


What Are the Drawbacks of Traditional Penetration Testing and How Does PTaaS Address Them?

Traditional penetration testing can be labor-intensive and does not offer up-to-date vulnerability assessments. PTaaS addresses these issues by providing rapid retesting, low administrative overhead, near real-time continuous assessment, and fixed costs.

Can PTaaS Assess Both Web Applications and Network/Cloud Devices?

Yes, penetration testing service providers can assess both web applications and network/cloud devices. It combines automation and human assessment to provide in-depth vulnerability assessment. Experts with industry accreditations enhance the detection of complex vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation.

What Industry Accreditations Do OP Innovate Security Experts Have?

Our pen testing team has all the major credentials required to help your organization meet compliance requirements. Prime examples would be companies in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

How Does PTaaS Combine Automation and Human Assessment in Penetration Testing?

OP Innovate Penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) offers a combination of both manual (human) penetration testing with skilled offensive security professionals, and automated scanning and vulnerability assessment through our WASP Platform. The WASP platform also includes a PT Scheduler to allow for easy scheduling and management of penetration tests.

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