WASP Release Notes
- January 2024

VERSION January 2024

New Integrations

We’ve expanded WASP’s capabilities with three new integrations: AWS, Cloudflare, and Okta. While the AWS and CloudFlare integrations enhance your ability to map and understand your organization’s attack surface more deeply and accurately, the Okta integration simplifies user connectivity and management.

For the full Okta integration tutorial, press here.

PT Scheduler (Beta)

Introducing our new Penetration Test Scheduler. This self-service tool allows users to easily schedule penetration tests. The intuitive wizard simplifies the process of gathering scope data and other necessary information for planning and executing penetration tests.

Interactive Page Tours

Enhance your understanding of WASP with our new semi-interactive page tours. Simply click the ‘Tour’ button on any page to receive detailed explanations about the widgets and key features specific to that page.

Bulk Findings Export to PDF

For streamlined reporting and analysis, we’ve added the capability to export a bulk of findings directly to PDF format, making it easier to share and review your security data.

Rich Text Comments in Findings

Our findings feature now supports rich text comments, enabling you to include images, links, and other rich media in your annotations for more comprehensive documentation.

Advanced Filtering for Findings

We’ve introduced new filtering options for findings, allowing you to sort and manage them by criteria such as CWE, CVSS score, Assignee and SLA expiration date. This enhanced functionality provides a more targeted approach to managing your security findings.

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