OP Innovate's Attack Surface Management combines the efficiency of automation with the expertise of our top offensive security experts, ensuring your organization stays one step ahead of cyber threats.

Secure Your Organization with Cutting-Edge Cyber Attack Surface Management (ASM)


A Comprehensive, Multi-faceted Approach That Leaves No Stone Unturned

Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution offers a range of powerful capabilities:

01. Comprehensive Attack Surface Discover

  • Identify and catalog all assets, including internet-facing assets, cloud services, applications, and APIs
  • Leverage automated discovery mechanisms like web crawling, DNS enumeration, and IP scanning to map your entire digital footprint
  • Gain a complete understanding of your potential attack surface to proactively address vulnerabilities

02. Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization

  • Discover and prioritize security vulnerabilities across your mapped attack surface
  • Utilize advanced scanning techniques like network, application, and configuration analysis
  • Gain visibility into your most critical risks to focus remediation efforts

03. Continuous Monitoring and Adopt the Risk-Based Factor

  • Real-time detection of changes to your organization’s attack surface
  • Integration with your specific risk factors to provide contextual insights
  • Adopt a risk-based approach to identify and address emerging threats impacting your unique environment

04. Attack Surface Reduction and Remediation

  • Actionable tools and recommendations to mitigate discovered vulnerabilities
  • Reduce your overall attack surface with prioritized remediation guidance
  • Gain clear insights into addressing the most critical security issues first

05. Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Comprehensive support for meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Automated generation of compliance reports, executive summaries, and trend analyses
  • Stay on top of industry regulations with ease

The Ultimate Hybrid Approach, Automated and Manual PT Combined

We combine routine manual penetration test sprints conducted by our CREST-certified offensive security team with our innovative WASP platform featuring continuous scanning and survey, you can ensure your organization is secure while saving time and optimizing resource utilization.

Our hybrid Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) approach offers the best of both worlds. By leveraging the efficiency of automation and human testers’ expertise, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your system’s security, providing you with accurate, actionable results that match your threat landscape.


Introducing WASP: The Future of Attack Surface Management

Our WASP platform goes beyond traditional ASM by providing a comprehensive, fully-managed Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution.
Key capabilities include:

Advanced Vulnerability Validation

  • In addition to identifying assets and vulnerabilities across the organization’s attack surface, WASP takes a rigorous validation approach
  • Vulnerabilities are meticulously triaged and analyzed in-depth
  • Exploitation is performed before findings are reported to clients to provide maximum context

Hybrid Scanning and Analysis

  • WASP combines automated scanning techniques with expert manual analysis
  • Vulnerabilities are examined both automatically and by experienced security analysts
  • Findings are enriched with technical details such as attack reproduction steps and specific remediation guidance

Integrated Penetration Testing

  • ASM functions are tightly integrated with full penetration testing capabilities
  • Automated reconnaissance streamlines scoping and initiation of penetration testing projects
  • Findings from both ASM scans and expert manual testing are correlated for a unified view

Crowdsourced Security Validation

  • A network of crowdsourced ethical hackers are leveraged to target low-hanging vulnerabilities
  • This provides additional validation that all exposures are identified and reported

Comprehensive Security Strategy

  • The WASP platform delivers a holistic, proactive security strategy beyond just ASM
  • Features include real-time attack surface monitoring, integrated vulnerability remediation retesting, and more
  • This enables continuous improvement and strengthening of the overall security posture

Ready to Experience the Future of Attack Surface Management by
OP Innovate?

When it comes to attack surfance management, you want the expertise of cybersecurity pros. With WASP, you're not just scratching the surface - you're diving deep into every layer.



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