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Buhti Ransomware

On Feb 15, 2023, the OP Innovate incident response team responded to multiple ransom attacks being carried out simultaneously on US companies. Some were perpetrated…

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BUHTI Ransomware

Broken Access Control in REST APIs – Shields Up 🛡️ !

Unfortunately, I have a long relationship with Broken Access Control (BAC) in most of its forms. As a research leader, I often encounter critical security…

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DM Apps at Work: Congrats, Cyber Security Risk!

As technology advances, we tend to think that advances in security should run in parallel. This is only partly true. End to-end encryption is now…

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How I found a CVE in a 4 milion (!) active users of WordFence

One of our goals at OP Innovate is to protect our clients and partners at all times. During a recent penetration testing engagement, the testing…

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Under the hood of a Smishing campaign

Earlier today our OP Innovate research team received yet another Smishing attempt asking them to provide credit card details

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Under the hood of a smishing campaign

The Art of the Red Team

This article pulls together some of the tactics and techniques used by OP Innovate researchers during a red team exercise. Please note, tools, tactics and…

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Email-based attacks in the COVID-19 era

Since life in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic became “new normal”, we at OP Innovate have seen an excess of business email compromises (BEC)…

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N3TW0RM Ransomware IOCS

Explore the N3tw0rm ransomware gang operations targeting Israeli companies for ransom, identify IOCs, and seek cyber protection from OP Innovate

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Prototype Pollution high vulnerability in ‘mixme’ NPM package

NPM (Node Package Manager) is a gigantic software registry that contains hundreds of thousands of open source Node.js projects in the form of packages.

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Cybersecurity Best Practice

10 Best Automated Penetration Testing Tools in 2023

You need automated penetration testing in order to continuously find vulnerabilities faster. Learn about the top 10 automated penetration testing tools

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Automated Pen Tests

Certified Pen test with tester certification

Looking to perform a Penetration test with certification? Learn how OP innovate can keep you secure with certified penetration testing. Leading Pen tester

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Pen Testing Certifications

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) – What is it and why do I need it?

Penetration test, or Pen Testing is a type of security testing which is vital for any computer system to detect vulnerabilities and prevent web application…

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Pen Test

Finding the Best Cyber Security Assessment Services

The best way to find cybersecurity assessment services to help your organization find current cyber weaknesses is via cyber security assessment company

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Risk Assessment Services

Achieving the Best Cyber Security Incident Response

When companies suffer a breach, they need to perform an effective Incident response to quickly and effectively address it and minimize the impact.

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How to Achieve the Best Cyber Security Incident Response

How to Perform Vulnerability Remediation After a Pen Test

Discover how to perform efficient and effective vulnerability remediation after a penetration test with OP-C's comprehensive guide.

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How to perform effective vulnerability remediation
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