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Under the hood of a Smishing campaign

Earlier today our OP Innovate research team received yet another Smishing attempt asking them to provide credit card details

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Under the hood of a smishing campaign

The Art of the Red Team

This article pulls together some of the tactics and techniques used by OP Innovate researchers during a red team exercise. Please note, tools, tactics and…

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Email-based attacks in the COVID-19 era

Since life in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic became “new normal”, we at OP Innovate have seen an excess of business email compromises (BEC)…

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N3TW0RM Ransomware IOCS

Explore the N3tw0rm ransomware gang operations targeting Israeli companies for ransom, identify IOCs, and seek cyber protection from OP Innovate

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Prototype Pollution high vulnerability in ‘mixme’ NPM package

NPM (Node Package Manager) is a gigantic software registry that contains hundreds of thousands of open source Node.js projects in the form of packages.

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Halloween and Cyber-Security: Malware in Disguise

Ghostly greetings one and all. On Halloween night, children the world over dress up in scary costumes and prowl from house to house, asking wary…

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Defending against the “Pay2key” cyber campaign

During The Last 10 Days, OP Innovate Has Handled A Number Of Cyber Incidents Resulting From The Iranian ‘Pay2key’ Campaign. This Intelligence Gathering And Ransomware…

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Offensive Campaign To Upgrade Your Cyber Resilience

TL;DR:  Do you have a Cybersecurity strategy? Creating a planned and defined strategy is good advice for any challenge you face in your personal or…

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Innovative Incident Response Framework

In this article, we share our experiences handling cyber incidents, and the sweeping effects our intervention has had on our partners’ organizations. In so doing…

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