Security Update for Node.js on Windows Systems: CVE-2024-27980

Bar Refael

April 11, 2024

The Node.js team has urgently released a security patch for a critical vulnerability identified as CVE-2024-27980, which affects Windows-based Node.js applications. This vulnerability poses a severe threat due to its potential to allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands remotely.

Vulnerability Overview

  • Affected Feature: The flaw arises within Node.js functions child_process.spawn and child_process.spawnSync, which are used to execute system commands.
  • Specific Target: The security issue specifically pertains to the handling of .bat files. Even when the execution is supposed to be secure, with the ‘shell’ option disabled, an attacker can manipulate command-line arguments to insert malicious code.
  • Risk: The vulnerability leads to remote code execution (RCE), enabling attackers to perform various malicious activities, such as installing malware, exfiltrating sensitive information, or causing disruptions in service.


  • Windows Node.js Installations: The vulnerability exclusively affects Node.js running on the Windows platform.
  • Version Impact: All currently supported Node.js versions, including the 18.x, 20.x, and 21.x release lines, are impacted.

Mitigation and Patching

  • Urgency to Update: Given the ‘High’ severity rating and the ease with which the vulnerability can be exploited, it is critical to apply the security update immediately.
  • Patching: The Node.js team has provided updates for all affected versions. Users should upgrade their Node.js installations on Windows to the patched releases as soon as possible.
  • Developer Action: For those who develop using Node.js and rely on the impacted functions, a thorough review of the code is advised. Developers should ensure that their code does not allow for injection of command-line arguments. Where necessary, implement additional input validation or sanitization steps to strengthen security.

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