Source Code Disclosure Flaw Patched in Apache HTTP Server (CVE-2024-39884)

Bar Refael

July 8, 2024

Recently, the Apache Software Foundation released Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.61, a crucial update that addresses a severe source code disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2024-39884). This flaw, rated as “Important” by the Apache team, could expose sensitive server-side information to malicious actors.

Vulnerability Details

  • CVE-2024-39884
    • Type: Source Code Disclosure
    • Description: The vulnerability stems from a regression in handling legacy content-type based configurations. Specifically, the “AddType” directive and similar settings, when used under specific circumstances, could inadvertently reveal the source code of files intended to be processed.
    • Impact: Could expose server-side scripts, configuration files, or other sensitive data.

Potential Exploitation

Attackers could exploit this vulnerability to:

  • Understand the Server Environment: Gain insights into the server setup, paving the way for more sophisticated attacks targeting specific software versions or configurations.
  • Identify Code Vulnerabilities: Find weaknesses in the exposed code, potentially leading to further exploitation and compromising the entire server or connected systems.
  • Steal Sensitive Data: Expose database credentials, API keys, or other confidential information, leading to severe consequences.

Mitigation and Recommendations

  1. Immediate Update:
    • Action Required: Users of Apache HTTP Server 2.4.60 should immediately upgrade to version 2.4.61.
    • Download Link: Apache HTTP Server 2.4.61
  2. Additional Security Measures:
    • Web Application Firewalls: Deploy WAFs to block malicious traffic.
    • Intrusion Detection Systems: Implement IDS to monitor and respond to suspicious activities.
    • Regular Vulnerability Scanning: Conduct regular scans to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

The release of Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.61 is critical for addressing the CVE-2024-39884 source code disclosure vulnerability. Users must promptly update their servers to mitigate the risk of sensitive data exposure and potential exploitation. Implementing additional security measures can further fortify defenses against evolving threats.

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