WordPress Releases Security Patch for XSS Vulnerability: Immediate Action Required

Bar Refael

April 14, 2024

Attention all WordPress users! A critical security update, WordPress 6.5.2, has been released to address a significant Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability along with several other bugs. This update is essential to safeguard your WordPress websites from potential security threats.

Key Points to Note:

Vulnerability Details: The primary concern is an XSS vulnerability that could allow attackers to inject malicious scripts into WordPress sites. This poses risks such as website defacement, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and the potential spread of malware to site visitors.

Additional Fixes: The update also addresses other bugs, enhancing the overall security and stability of WordPress sites.

Urgent Update Advisory: WordPress strongly recommends all users to update their installations to version 6.5.2 immediately to protect against these vulnerabilities.

Automatic Updates: If you have automatic updates enabled, your site might already be updated. However, it’s crucial to verify that the update has been applied successfully.

Manual Update Instructions:

  1. Back Up Your Site: Ensure you have a complete backup of your website before proceeding with the update.
  2. Download the Update: Visit the official WordPress website and download the latest version (6.5.2).
  3. Update Through Dashboard: Alternatively, you can update directly through your WordPress dashboard by navigating to the “Updates” section.

Additional Information:

  • Version Jump: Notably, WordPress skipped version 6.5.1 and released 6.5.2 as the first minor update in the 6.5 series.
  • Backporting Fixes: The security fixes in this update have been backported to earlier versions, making them available for WordPress installations from version 6.1 onwards.

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